The Corpse Pose (Savasana)

  • Ambient, Orientalism: The Series
dj adventThe Corpse Pose


Yoga practice is a form of ritual.  An intelligent yoga practice will furnish the nervous system with a host of new neuromuscular information. Shavasana gives the nervous system a chance to integrate that in what can be thought of as a brief pause before it is forced once again to deal with all the usual stresses of daily life. After so much time being bound to the actions of the body, the Yoga practitioner’s awareness is hopefully turned inwards and purified of sensory distraction. Shavasana then becomes the beginning of deeper, meditative yogic practices. In state of sensory withdrawal it becomes easier to be aware of the breath and of the state of the mind itself.  This dj mix hopes to capture the essence of the most important pose in Yoga.